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Indian Network of NGOs on HIV / AIDS

Backdrop & Mission

INN is a registered national network of NGOs working on HIV/AIDS. This organizational form of the network emerged from a clearly spelt out understanding among NGOs, concerned professionals and donors about the distinct need to network and bring together different groups working in the sector. The INN platform is used to exchange ideas, strategies and approaches so that it harnesses the vitality of these diverse individuals, while ensuring that concerted attempts flow into a mainstream of common, united and purposeful action, aimed at HIV/AIDS/STIs awareness and control.

Through annual conventions and capacity building programs, INN is committed to support its members to effectively develop, manage and implement HIV/AIDS related programs. INN works on advocacy programs, and for the protection of rights of vulnerable groups.

An Indian network of NGOs working on HIV/AIDS was conceptualized in 1992, and established during a First National Convention in 1994. INN was formally registered as a trust and a society in 1996. The executive committee of this network is an elected body.


All INN members should be capable of effectively delivering HIV/AIDS and STD - control programs aimed at mitigating the spread of the virus, and the impact of the epidemic on individuals and society.

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